On the 5th of May 2022, the opening ceremony of our newest exhibition will be held at the Vilnius Airport VIP Terminal and Conference Center at 6:30PM (free VIP parking spaces at Rodūnios kl. 2B).

On this occasion, we will showcase 30 large-format prints of our best wildlife pictures and present our new photo book ‘INVITATION’, which includes 44 pictures taken in Lithuania and in Kenya.

Furthermore, exclusive videos, which will be shown across Vilnius Airport throughout May, June and July, will be projected at the event as an “avant-première”.

A photo book...

This carefully crafted high-quality photo book showcases 4 years of wildlife photography across Kenya and Lithuania with 44 of our best photographs. It comes as an extension of our exhibition as an invitation to travel and inspire the adventures to come.

It is as well accompanied by a written reflection on nature and travel, and the inherent beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives.

In the Terminals of Vilnius Airport...

In the same spirit, 10-second videos of Lithuanian and Kenyan wildlife will be shown on the 45 display screens of Vilnius Airport for 3 months. 

Filmed in environments dramatically different, the aim is to inspire future travelers and to additionally show that remarkable nature is not necessarily only abroad, but also right outside, in the forests and plains of Lithuania.

As such, you are invited to discover or rediscover the nature around us.

Barbier Photography

Jacques and Lukas Barbier are father and son. Even though they have very different styles and imaging techniques, they share a strong passion for nature and their craft.

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