Barbier Photography

Jacques and Lukas Barbier are father and son. Passionate about nature, they share their common love for wildlife and photography through Barbier Photography. Each with their own skills, styles of shooting and preferences, they both bring something unique to the table. Adventurers at heart, travel doesn’t scare them, leading them from the Kenyan savannah to the glaciers of Iceland, through the Finnish taiga. Keep up to date with their work —

Jacques Barbier traded his hunting rifles for camera gear in the 90s and moved to Kenya. While living there, he traveled over 100,000km across Africa with his trusty Nikon F5 and film canisters. Now in Europe, digital will have to do.

Lukas Barbier joined his father and learned the craft on the spot, reviving his father’s flame for wildlife photography, which he had left behind for over a decade. Lukas is also a journalist and photojournalist. The film-maker of the two.

Feel free to explore their work here. Dare to be wild —

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